EF-V4 Vehicle Control Unit

Electrofit VCU EF-V4


Electrofit’s new EF-V4 provides integrators of EV components a cost-effective, powerful, and configurable VCU platform to enable the electrification of small volume and niche vehicles.

Utilising modern automotive and industrial grade components, the EF-V4 features a dual-core processor to allow for fail-safe operation, and can be configured to suit any torque strategy, control multiple IOs and peripherals, and bring together other ECUs on multiple CAN networks within the vehicle, allowing you to have one central point of control.

The EF-V4  can be configured to undertake all aspects of modern EV control, including communicating with the BMS, managing gear state, directly overseeing charger communication, cooling subsystem control, and others.

AEL’s established pedigree in run strategy customisation enables us to tailor the EF-V4 software to your project requirements and constraints, and to assist in your integration.


3 x High Speed CAN (configurable)
1 X J2411 Single Wire CAN
1 x RS485 Half-Duplex
16 x ADC Channels (12-bit)
8 x General Purpose IO
8 x Optically Isolated General Purpose IO
34 x Low-Side Driver Channels
4 x PWM Channels
2 x Dedicated Inputs for Ignition and Start Detection
CP and PP Charger Control Lines
5 Position Ignition Key Position Emulator