6.6KW OBC+ 1.5KW DCDC Charger

6.6KW On Board Charger with integrated 1.5KW DC-DC Charger for 12 volt system


This combination high-frequency unit combines the functionality of an on board charger (OBC) with that of a DC/DC converter in one package, this saves space, weight and cabling thereby minimising the cost of inventory, installation and service.  The unit allows the vehicle battery to be charged from an AC power source at a 6.6kW rate and the DC/DC portion provides a 14V output converted at up to a 1.5kW rate from the high voltage battery. This keeps the vehicle’s low-voltage battery charged. The Combo Unit is water cooled by the vehicle’s coolant loop. Mating electrical connectors are included.

IP67 waterproof case


Specification list:

OBC Input Voltage (V AC): 85-265
OBC Output Voltage (V DC): 200-420
OBC Output Current (A): 0-20
DC-DC Input Voltage (V DC): 200-420
DC-DC Output Voltage (V DC): 13.5
DC-DC Output Current (A): 0-108
Weight (kg): 8
Dimensions (mm): 454x291x83 (L W H)
Warranty Period (Months) 12